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Jean Elaine Leveque - Three Ways to Move up in Marketing

Jean Elaine Leveque worked for a traditional marketing company for several years before she decided to strike out on her own as an independent marketing consultant. She took a less common road to establishing herself as a successful marketing professional than most of her colleagues in the field. Many other marketing professionals use these three ways to move up in their marketing careers:

  • Take on added responsibility whenever possible. When you’re first starting out in marketing, usually you’ll work for a large marketing company at an entry-level position. Jean Elaine Leveque started in a similar position. From the first day, you should be trying to go above and beyond to take on as much extra work and responsibility as possible to show your superiors that you can handle the workload of several employees at once, making you more valuable to the organization.
  • Participate in extracurricular professional development activities. These activities include seminars, trainings, and conferences designed to help rising marketing professionals advance their career. Jean Elaine Leveque met several of her first clients as a consultant at a few of these conferences early in her career.
  • Demand promotions. Don’t constantly stay in your boss’s face about a promotion, but once you have established yourself as a reliable worker capable of creating marketing solutions that clients are impressed with, you can start to have a series of conversations about your place at the company and whether you’re deserving of a raise.

Jean Elaine Leveque played the professional marketer game before she set out on her own to great success.

Jean Elaine Leveque - Target Audiences

Jean Elaine Leveque has helped many businesses appeal more directly to their target audiences and markets over her 20-year career. Over that time, she has worked with businesses of all sizes develop marketing initiatives that are focused on their target market, ensuring that they can efficiently use their marketing resources efficiently and effectively. Finding a target market for a product or company is not easy, and usually takes research and extensive planning to take advantage of a niche in the market.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Jean Elaine Leveque helps find target audiences and markets for her clients by first researching who her clients’ products would be most useful for. Individuals with pets are the most likely to buy pet supplies, but who typically owns pets and who would be in the market, of those pet owners, for luxury pet items and accessories? Jean Elaine Leveque finds this information and uses it to develop a customer sketch, containing some of the typical facts about people most representative of the target audience she and her clients are trying to reach. This customer sketch might include average income level of the target market, common living and family situations, and how their general political and financial attitudes might affect their spending habits. All of this information is critical to the generation of marketing materials specifically designed to appeal to this demographic.

Jean Elaine Leveque has developed many target audience reports for many of her clients over the years. She has used these sketches and reports to develop winning marketing initiatives designed to appeal to a specific subset of people particularly drawn to her clients’ products and services.

Jean Elaine Leveque - Developing a Brand

A company brand is more than a logo. The brand represents everything the company is to its customers in one organized unit. Jean Elaine Leveque has been working with companies large and small on developing their brand and raising brand awareness for their customers for over 20 years. For Leveque, developing a brand is crucial to her clients’ success. She spends many hours developing the kind of company image that will resonate the most with their customers and create a foothold within the marketplace.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Branding for companies of all kinds is crucial for success. Company leaders come to Jean Elaine Leveque for help creating the best image possible for their company and help them develop a customer base based on the brand and its image in the regional or national community. A company’s brand is the mental image that customers think of when they think of the company. If they have positive feelings and associations with the company and its brand, they will become and remain loyal customers, negative feelings and associations will cause them to stay away at all costs. Many consumer studies have shown that once customers associate negative connotations with a particular company, it’s very difficult to get them back. This is why companies need experts like Jean Elaine Leveque to develop a positive brand image that speaks directly to their target audience.

Jean Elaine Leveque has been developing brands and creating marketing solutions for her clients for many years. She is based in Denver, but she has worked with companies with markets throughout the United States and beyond.


Why You Should Have a Favorite Sports Team

People often overlook the value of sports. While it may seem silly for people to spend time and money to watch other people test their athletic abilities against each other, it can actually be a great way to bond with others. There are several different types of sports out there. This provides people with several different options, so even if they aren’t a huge fan of one sport, there may be another one that they are interested in. For the bigger sports, it is easy to find a team that is relatively close to where you live. Rooting for the local team can help you bond with your neighbors and those around.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Watching sports can also provide good bonding time as attending a game can be a great way to hang out with others. Games often sell food and the constant breaks between innings or quarters allow a good amount of time for socializing. Games are also a great activity to do as a family. Many parents enjoy taking their kids to a sports games and introducing them to sports. There is also lots of fun sports attire. By wearing your team’s colors you may feel more connected as a fan. Overall, there are lots of great reasons to become invested in sports. Jean Elaine Leveque is the mother of three children and a huge football fan. Because she grew up in the California Bay Area, she is a big 49ers fan and plans on buying season tickets in 2016.

Dynamics between Siblings

In many cases families may not always get along. Especially in their younger years, siblings may have the tendency to fight and bicker. However, taking the time to invest in sibling relationships can be extremely beneficial in the long run. It is a common saying that your family is the people who will love you no matter what. In many ways, we are stuck with our family, so building stable relationships will make life more enjoyable as a whole. Interestingly enough, understanding how birth order effects people can help you understand your siblings.

First born children are often natural leaders; they are commonly ambitious and very head-strong. Middle children are often very sensitive, a bit insecure, and very empathetic to those around them. The youngest in the family are often very carefree and have a “go with the flow” attitude. Understanding the different ways your siblings approach life can help you understand their perspective and be more empathetic towards them in general. The sibling bond is a bond like no other, and life is a lot easier to face when you know your siblings have your back. While bickering is a normal part of life, it is important that you and your siblings love each other no matter what. Jean Elaine Leveque is the mother of three children. She also has two younger siblings of her own. She feels that the sibling relationship is very important and encourages her children to spend time developing building strong relationships with each other.

Fashion Trends Don’t Last

It seems that as each new generation rolls around, they look to the generation before and see the absurdity of several of the fashion trends from before. When you’re a teenager dressing in the fashion of your time it seems odd that if you later have kids they’ll look back at your old pictures and think your outfits are funny. Even though fashion trends may go out of style, it should be comforting to know that they can always come back in. 

With the rise of the recent Hipster trend, everything once old and outdated became cool. This allowed for a resurgence of various styles from the 90s, 80s, and 70s. In many ways, it should be comforting to know that almost anything you wear has been, or will be, cool at one point or another. So this raises the question of whether or not there are any actual fashion crimes. Perhaps fashion is simply subjective as it is now more self-expression than a way of fitting in or being cool. More and more people are developing their own sense of fashion and finding their inspiration from different eras in history and different countries around the world. Fashion, in many ways, is an open-ended book where the individual can create the look they feel is best for them. So even if trends do not last, it is still important to dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. Jean Elaine Leveque is a lover of 80s fashion trends and uses them as inspiration for her own wardrobe.  

Dancing at a Festival

One of the great things about music is that its influence is universal. Almost every culture has a unique musical style or at the very least a style of music that is there adopted preference. Throughout the year there are countless festivals dedicated to the playing of live music. These are accompanied by crafts, adult beverages, dancing and other elements which basically compose a very public party. It is not hard to find these events throughout many towns in the country especially in the summer time. Some of these are focused on a harvest event that is unique to each area, some are focused on a certain type of music, and some are focused on a certain type of arts which are reason to celebrate. That is just the tip of the iceberg as people are always looking for a way to party in a safe place and looking to meet new people.

There is a tremendous amount of dancing that goes on at these festivals. Girls like to group dance and show their moves with their friends and other people watching on. The musical acts encourage this group dancing and crowd participation by yelling things like “throw your hands in the air and waved them like you just don’t care”. With the introduction of social media and the viral nature of pictures, many people will do anything to get their picture taken and put on a Facebook page for example so they can share with friends and show how they had a good time. Jean Elaine Leveque is a big fan of these music festivals and she loves dancing with her friends and enjoying her favorite types of music.

Best of the 80s

It seems that everything old becomes new again and this is a saying that basically describes the fact that style, music and influences returned to the public consciousness after some time. It is a phenomenon that is based on nostalgia and appreciation. In the 1980s, a lot of popular culture was influenced by music and the end of the Cold War. The airways were filled with a variety of artists from around the world with number of musical styles which competed directly with each other in a conglomerate music marketplace. It was quite different from what we see today where radio stations specialize in one type of music or another. You could literally listen to one radio station and hear a reggae song followed by a hard rock tune which was then followed by a disco song.

One of the phenomenon that came out of this was the introduction to new wave music which emanated from English culture and their music scene. This specialty in music brought a style all their own and it meant a lot of guys wearing makeup dancing to odd music, but it caught the country by storm nonetheless. Some people likened it to the British invasion music phenomenon of the early 1960s which included the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Jean Elaine Leveque is a big fan of the culture of the 1980s and she is especially fond of the variety of acts which were very popular at the time. She enjoys going out to karaoke bars and seeing her favorite hits with her friends.

Jean Elaine Leveque - Raising Brothers

Every family is different and there are interesting dynamics that make each family what they are for whatever reason. For Jean Elaine Leveque, she had an interesting young adulthood in that because of her family situation she had to raise her two younger brothers as the de facto mom in the family. This meant that she was very involved with reviewing their grades, making sure that they did their homework, preparing meals and other things that you would normally expect a mother to do. Today, she is a doting mother of three young children who happen to be female but are nonetheless just as needy and filled with personality as the brothers she once raised.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Looking back, Jean Elaine Leveque feels that she got a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with such things as a budget, discipline and other issues that go into a domestic household. She is grateful for the opportunity to have provided for her family in a way that was focused on keeping her family together through some rough times. She has taken this knowledge and experience to heart and she knows that there is little that can approach the dire scale of urgency that she endured at such a young age through this selfless act. In a way, even in her adulthood, she feels that she is still the satellite mother to her now adult brothers making her family as much as five products of her motherhood skills. She keeps in regular contact with her brothers and enjoys talking about their lives, dreams and concerns.


Acting Goes Beyond Just the Stage

Acting is sometimes thought of as only being a useful skill for those who go on to become big movie stars. However, whether or not one ends up pursuing acting for the rest of their lives or not, it is still helps you learn several valuable skills that can be applied to various different jobs and other aspects of life.

In many ways, it can be quite beneficial for even someone who has no interest in acting to take an acting class. Acting requires that you develop your public speaking skills. Public speaking tends to be a part of most jobs at some level or another. Even if you are not required to speak publicly for work, the skill can come in handy in your home life or amongst a group of friends as good speaking skills can be applied to your stories.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Acting also requires you to pay attention to different mannerisms that you may possess, whether it is the way you talk, your filler words, or your posture. Acting helps you learn the way you do things and how those things are perceived by others. Once you know how you do things, it is easier to change certain postures so that you can be perceived the way you want to by your co-workers. There are several benefits to learning how to act besides potentially becoming a famous actor that should not be overlooked.

Jean Elaine Leveque attended a Performing Arts School in California where she focused on acting. While she no longer acts today, she finds the skills she learned acting have helped her immensely in her other career endeavors.